Was that really steak?

This is one of those unexpected experiences… most certainly makes for a funny story. One lesson learned… sometimes you need to be careful on how things translate across cultures 🙂

Andres Carnes de Res DC is famous among tourists visiting Bogota, Colombia’s capital. Steaks are rumored to be phenomenal. Atmosphere unparalleled. Or so told by all the influencer blogs and reviews I read beforehand.

Let me tell you about my experience at Andres Carnes de Res DC.

The restaurant is located in an area called Zona T, which is a lively bar and restaurant district of Bogota. It’s clear they cater to tourists and more of Bogota’s elite. My first impressions of Zona T were most certainly positive and I highly recommend checking this neighborhood out at night.

Andres DC is most certainly a spectacular restaurant from a build out and environment standpoint. They boast six levels and decor is incredibly eccentric with tons of character. Most certainly a devilishly fun spot!

My sister and I made reservations to eat here on a Saturday night to celebrate my birthday. Since steaks are rumored to be out-of-this-world in South America (including Colombia), naturally I order a filet mignon.

I typically order my filet mignon rare, which comes out slightly warm with a bright red center (and yes, I ordered a filet mignon in Thailand… delicious and cooked). So, in Colombia I thought there was no reason to alter my steak temperature.

Here is what Andres DC serves me. The picture is unaltered and in its natural form.

Does that look like steak to you? Let’s break this down:

  1. Cut does not look like a filet mignon
  2. This does not resemble any cow meat I have ate
  3. It’s still cold
  4. How do I know it’s still cold? My sister started making a scene about me wanting to send it back. To avoid sisterly love conflict, I sucked it up and ate it.
  5. One saving grace: Andres DC provided a warm Bearnaise type sauce to soak the meat in
  6. Let’s get to the taste: Still cold. The meat was still defrosting. Never hit a stove.
  7. And texture? Nothing like steak. I mean NOTHING. I love steak tartare… this did not come close. The meat was semi tough, like cutting into muscle. Certainly not filet. And I grew up eating gamey meat. Not gamey either.
  8. Conclusion: It’s human meat from someone who pissed off the cartel. A shoulder muscle or something. I’m convinced of it. Horse meat at best.
  9. Consensus: Human or horse. I shared this image with dozens of people. Not a single person believes it belongs to cow.

Luckily, I did not get sick. On the flip side… the restaurant used the cutest boxes for your bill!