White Temple of Doom

From far away there is a pristine, glistening white temple. Simple, elegant.

Right before knowing what I’m about to encounter entering Wat Rong Khun.

As you approach the bridge to enter you are greeted by guardians or so you think. You start your crossing over the bridge..

Hands of evil souls desperately try to pull you into their underworld on your way into the temple.

Surviving your journey through the underworld, you arrive at the white temple where no pictures are allowed. You are shepherded into the mysterious shroud.

In the center were beautiful statues of Buddha and monks kneeling before Lord Buddha. The walls were colorful, filled with images telling a story from our lifetime. I am not about to ruin the interior for you… this is a sight worth seeing with your own eyes.

When exiting The White Temple… strike a pose!

Me and Koulla after several photo ops around Wat Rong Khun.

Koulla, Pete, and I before entering the white temple… losing Pete to another fabulous Facebook Live.

If I ever need a professional camera/video man one day… it’s Pete.

We met the creator and designer. Brilliant!

Pete did not stop at eating cockroaches. Anything goes. Even shrunken heads a hill tribe probably borrowed from tribes in the Amazon.

Great group shot before heading out of The White Temple:

AND… when there is Mango Sticky Rice, eat it. Even for breakfast.

My breakfast at Wat Rong Khun