The Foods You Find in a Night Market

We have all heard about street food, night markets, street markets. The fresh knife cut noodles, exotic fruits, and live seafood cooked right in front of your eyes.

First, let me introduce you to my comrades.

Left to Right:

Pete (US), me (US), Gillian (Ireland), and Koulla (UK) hit it off from the start and we become an inseparable foursome the entire trip. This was from our first night together at a smaller night market in Bangkok.

Now, for the food. I’ll start with the more familiar items to Western palates.

Fresh Mango

Mangoes in the States taste old and rotten once you have had a taste of these.

Freshly Caught Fish

Straight from the docks off of the Gulf of Thailand.

Slow Roasted Fish

Spinning right in front of your eyes.

Marshmallow Tacos

Or so I call them. Such a tasty treat. And so bummed I did not find these in ant other city’s night market.

The SPICIEST Green Curry

That your tongue will ever touch.

Mango Sticky Rice with Ice Cream

Obsessed. Best. Dessert. Ever.


I’m still trying to figure out what they did to prepare those birds.


A delicacy. And good source of protein.


On a stick.

Dehydrated Sea Creatures

This one really creeped me out.