Bridge to Wan Po Station

Looking for hidden cave Buddhas? If you walk along the tracks along the River Kwai near Wang Po Station you will find them. From the moment I entered the cave I saw Buddhas everywhere.

Small Buddha to the right. Larger Buddha directly ahead. Small Buddhas on the left. Buddhas in a passage way further back in the cave.

Curiosity tends to get the better of me. Wanting to see what was through the mysterious passage way I walked over small makeshift bridges to the dark, unlit part of the cave. Eventually, fear of slipping and being alone in this dark space got the better of me and I turned back.

Heading out of the cave I walked further down the tracks along the river. There are neat water-hotels and down below and a junction in the river.

And yes, there was a train ride. The bus dropped us off at a train station several miles away from the cave. Seeing the train arrive at the platform makes you feel like you stepped back in time. Small train cars that appeared to be from the 1940s or 1950s. The warm breeze from the open windows swept through your hair.

Our ride began moving quickly through the countryside and we made our way to the river. The views of the mountains and the river fork were breathtaking.

The train slowed as we approached the Wampo Viaduct alongside the River Kwai to flow through the winding tracks. Good thing too! If we kept up with our previous speed we would all be swimming in that river and joining the people in their floating hotels.