Diamond Temple

Walking through a temple interior made of brilliantly glittering diamonds is truly majestic. Wat Tha Sung in Uthai Thani takes your breath away. A temple made of clear/white mosaic mimic diamonds and make you feel like you have stepped into another dimension.

This temple sometimes known as the Glass Temple or Crystal Temple was built during the Ayutthaya period.

It would not be typical Thai fashion if Buddha statues were not all around and these Buddhas do not disappoint. They were clearly made for someone special and very loved. Emerald, gold, silver, ruby…

Ancient Thai people believed, like many cultures, that reflective surfaces repelled evil spirits and negative energies.

Luong Pho Yai was a monk from 1789 that renovated this Ayutthaya period temple and is now preserved in an ornate glass casket for all to pay their respects to.

The exterior of the temple hides the beauty inside being a simple white and gold.

Wat Tha Sung is well worth trip and a place I could easily travel back to.