Floating Market

Damnoen Saduak is the famous floating market north of Bangkok.

Upon arriving there are life-like hand carved elephants lined up, backing up to the canals with long tails boats rocking in the water.

Not far off wood workers are carving intricately detailed scenes into large pieces of wood. Carefully chiseling away bit by bit.

We piled into long tail boats on the canal and began our tour through the village, making out way to the floating market. Our captain proved to be rather overzealous, taking a corner turn too sharply. We hit. Hanging on for dear life… our boat nearly capsized!

The beginning of what we thought would be a fun, leisurely boat ride

Seeing the village from the waterways was a wonderful, relaxing sight.

The passing boats…

Once we arrived at the docks of Damnoen Saduak we were greeted by a lemur and Burmese Python.

We did not spend as much time as I would have liked here. So many interesting finds, great food, and they say yellow snakes bring good fortune.

And finally… we get to the bustling floating shops filled with goods, fresh fruits and vegetable, cook tops for freshly made meals. Pictures do not do the floating market justice.