When you told yourself you draw the line at eating bugs…

I caved… only Day 2 in Bangkok. Really should have ate part of that scorpion instead.

In case you haven’t tried bugs at a Night Market… there’s no chocolate covered bugs like people will tell you about. After my entire two weeks in Thailand I never saw a single chocolate or peanut butter covered bug.

Oh, there’s bugs a-plenty. Crickets, house grasshoppers, wild grasshoppers, scorpions, silk worms, bamboo worms, scorpions… you name it. What a delicacy.

The thing about these “delicacies” is that they are prepared so you experience all of that glorious protein in its raw form. Crunchy, charred, and with a dab of soy sauce.

After watching two of my new travel friends eat a scorpion and one eat cricket, the peer pressure was on. Scorpion seemed too exotic for me. Pete seemed to love scorpion (but he was also of the mindset to “Ef it! Only live once”. I trusted Koulla’s judgment. Her first few scorpion bites were’nt so bad.

BUT THEN… she at the bottom. Oh that face. And that adorable British accent with her mouth twisted in disgust that she ate a “foul bit”. Trial over. I am NOT eating a full scorpion after that.

Then we go to Gilly, for only 15 baht (25 cents) she ended up with a bowl of crickets. Since she was as reluctant as I was to try bugs I trusted her. So, I ate one. And you can see how much I loved cricket.

The crunch was not so bad. It was the little legs. They get stuck in your mouth, the back of your throat. You can even feel them making their way down your intestine tract into your stomach.

Not even the best dental hygienist could have brushed, flossed, and mouthwashed the absolute shit out of my teeth. 4am hits… I wake up in a panic to the sensation of little legs crawling at my throat.

TAKEAWAY: You never know until you try. So eat up.

Bug platter from the Queen of Thailand’s favorite stand near Phitsansulok