Bangkok is this amazing city filled with towering skyscrapers and dazzling temples abundant with beautiful glass mosaic.

An innovative city that makes the largest cities in America appear a century behind. Thailand’s capital is filled with old world charm – street food, long boats, tuk tuks, and The Grand Palace built in the 1800s right in the center of it all.

The world is your oyster.

  • Night markets filled with unique finds
  • Food stands offering the freshest, juiciest fruit that will leave you craving more
  • Noodle shops tempting you with the most delicious noodles you can imagine topped with crispy red pork or duck
  • Posh rooftop lounges with jaw-dropping aerial views
  • Lady Boy shows that give Broadway in NYC a run for its money
  • Awe-inspiring temples
  • And a culture of happy, grateful, energetic people

Bangkok is a city I felt immensely safe in. Safer than any city in the US. That’s a big deal for a single woman like me.

I only had three days in Bangkok. I can tell you right now… that was not nearly enough. I missed out on visiting China Town, Koh San Roh. Looks like we will meet again soon, Bangkok.

Lunch on the Chao Phraya River.