My Story

Travel changes you. I never truly understood that until I visited Thailand. Life is too short and it is never too late to travel. Through my stories I want you to be inspired, be daring, be entertained, and embrace your own sense of adventure.

My stories will be a full and honest account of my experiences. Most will be uplifting, others will be funny, some will be unexpected (but don’t let that discourage you… travel is all about the unexpected – good and different – each culture is unique and learning about it is amazing either way).

My name is Christine. A Chicago-bred city girl craving new experiences, a thirst for learning, and love of life.

At 31 years old I began my journey to travel the world. During my 20s, I never traveled outside of the North American continent. There was always an excuse: family took us only as far as Mexico; friends had other agendas: children, boyfriends, different locations, financial woes; and finally, I was afraid to travel solo.

So, there I was at 31… missing out on amazing adventures and exploring new cultures. Overcoming my fear of traveling alone I booked my first big trip as a solo traveler with a tour company. My only regret: not doing this sooner.

Now I am hooked. Leaving the country every chance I get (or as much PTO as I can use up) I aim to travel to other continents once every few months.

I am still new, a nouveau traveler. As times goes on my pages will be filled with more and more quests.

Follow me as I journey to new places, be entertained by my stories, and be inspired to travel.

Keeping track of countries I have visited. Unparalleled experiences to date. So many more to go.