River Kwai

While waiting for the train to pass over the River Kwai I thought much about the WWII prisoners who were responsible for this train line coming to life. The day before we visited the Hellfire Pass and Death Railway Museum https://onebubblyblonde.com/2020/06/09/hellfire-pass-museum/

The Bridge over the River Kwai has inspired movies such as: The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957), The Railway Man (2014), and Hellfire Pass (1987) and rightly so. Not only is the history a piece we should never forget but looking upon the river is magnificent for tourists and locals alike.

Ever tried walking along train tracks on a bridge while it was passing? Doubtful, otherwise you would be thrown into the river and washed away. But here you can. The bridge has several platforms for you to jump into when you see the train approaching.

Walking over the bridge had some interesting views:       

Chinese Temple with spiral of dragons  

Thai Wedding (witnessed a lucky bride and groom taking their wedding photos). I tried VERY hard to sneak a good photo… no luck. But the bride looked stunning!

Last but not least… a group photo

I can’t forget to add Buddha. Buddha everywhere. Did you know that the round-belly Buddha is not actually a version of a Buddha?

This laughing Buddha that we grew up knowing as well as Santa Claus is actually a Chinese monk from the 10th century, named Budai.

On his deathbed, Budai revealed that he would become the “future Buddha”. Kind of did, didn’t he?